Wall Street Exchange & Ministry of Health Blood Drive: Why Donating Blood is a Win-Win Deal

For the second year running, Wall Street Exchange (UAE’s leading money exchange provider and member of the Emirates Post Group) has been teaming up with the Municipality of Health to encourage residents to donate blood.2a9f12cd9242c4d4ec6049c41788487a.jpg

The blood drive takes place 3 times a year, and the next one is scheduled for this Wednesday 27th January at the Wall Street Exchange branch in Karama (next to the Central Post Office). Blood donations will be carried out from 10 am till 3 pm, and is open to the general public.

Why should you donate blood? Did you know giving blood is just as beneficial for the donor as it is for the receiver? Read on for more.

5 Benefits of Donating Blood

  1. Altruistic Motives: You are healthy, you are fit. This is a real blessing. Use it to save a life. Despite all the medical advances, nothing can substitute for human blood. You might be on the receiving end one day.
  2. Free Health Checkup: When you go to donate blood, you get a mini health scan for free. Professionals on scene will ensure you are eligible to give blood. The minimum age for blood donations is 16, and the minimum weight is 110 pounds.
  3. Burns Calories: A session of blood donating can burn up to 650 calories!
  4. Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease: Donating blood reduces blood iron levels. Although low levels of iron are associated with fatigue and even anemia, the body has no way of excreting excess iron. High iron levels can be fatal, and lead to heart disease. Ever wondered why fewer women get heart attacks as compared to men? Research has shown this might be linked to the loss of iron through monthly menses.
  5. Reduce the Risk of Cancer: Reduced levels of blood iron is also believed to reduce the risk of cancer.




9 Facts About Donated Blood

  1. The minimum age for donating blood is 16, and the minimum weight is 110 pounds.
  2. The shelf life of donated blood is very limited, and this is why the general public need to pitch in and help replenish this essential stock.
  3. Donated blood is separated into 3 components: plasma, platelets and red blood cells. 5becd42cffa7064fb21cbb19259b7956
  4. Red blood cells can be used within 42 days of collection, but platelets only last 5 days. Plasma on the other hand, can be frozen for up to a year.
  5. Donated blood is used most frequently for trauma and thalassemia patients. Donated blood is also essential for pregnancy complications, cancer and highly anemic patients.
  6. The average adult has about 10 pints of blood in the body. A blood donation session draws out only 1 pint.
  7. The average red blood cell transfusion requires 3.4 pints of blood.
  8. Every time you donate blood, you can save up to 3 lives. 26a863f815cdb1b108c66e1aaf7fccc7
  9. 1 in 3 of us will need blood (or some form of blood products) at some stage in our lives. You might be a receiver tomorrow.


“Wall Street Exchange is proud to be conducting this blood donation camp, which is one of our efforts at paying back to the society. The blood donation campaign aims to educate people and the community on the beneficial aspects of blood donation. It will also promote awareness among the public about safe blood transfusion and will motivate people to donate blood voluntarily. We believe the individuals who donate blood are accomplishing one of the most selfless acts.” – Sultan Al Mahmoud, Acting Managing Director, Wall Street Exchange.