#TFNoFilter Selfie Powders Reviewed

I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, and when I saw this adorably cute palette by Too Faced dedicated to #selfies, there was no stopping me from getting it.

too faced no filter selfie #TFNoFilter Selfie Powders review4

I can’t help admiring Too Faced. They sure know how to wring the wallet dry with all their cuteness, and here they are taking absolute advantage of this generation’s biggest obsession, the perfect selfie!

Keeping up with the social media track of mind, even the name of the product starts with a hashtag. The #TFNoFilter Selfie Powders promise to give its wearer a real-life Instagram-inspired filter. These powders are light-filtering photo enhancers and they’ve got a Parisian chihuahua to prove it.

too faced no filter selfie #TFNoFilter Selfie Powders review3

Clad in a beret right in front of the Eiffel Tower, we get a summary of the Too Faced Instagram-inspired powders on this cute little pup.

Product Claim

“Selfie Powders are your filters for the real world! Our collection of weightless finishing powders mimic the effects of your favorite photo filters by using light-fragmenting technology to instantly brighten with diffused warmth, bronze with a smoothing glow, or add a cool ethereal light to the skin. Get close-up perfection in photos and look filter-flawless in real life!” – Too Faced website.

too faced no filter selfie #TFNoFilter Selfie Powders review

Keywords: Light-Diffusing, Photo-Enhancing, Weightless, Filter-Flawless.


Product Breakdown

The Too Faced Selfie Powder palette comes with 3 powders (or ‘filters’): Sunrise, Totally Toasted and Moon River.

too faced no filter selfie #TFNoFilter Selfie Powders review5

Sunrise is a light, shimmery champagne gold. It gives the complexion a light, warm glow. Judging by the chihuahua, this ‘filter’ looks very similar to Instagram’s Valencia!

Totally Toasted is, as the name suggests, a lovely toasted bronze shade. The actual colour is far more subtle in reality, and can easily be used all over the face and decolletage.

Moon River is a very pale lilac. It is a rather unusual shade for a face powder, and I was cynical it might look rather chalky on the skin. However, the powders are beautifully smooth and glide on to the skin effortlessly. Moon River gives the face an ethereal, moon-lit glow. Sunrise and Totally Toasted are warm shades, whereas Moon River is the ‘cool’ shade in the palette.

You can use each powder individually, or mix them up as I do. I like to use a kabuki brush for face powders.


#TFNoFilter Selfie Powders: Tried & Tested by Tezzy

The #TFNoFilter Selfie Powders claim to enhance your selfies, and eliminate the need for filters. Here I am, using all three powders (I used Sunrise all over the face, Totally Toasted on my cheekbones, and Moon River to strobe). #nofilter used!


I’m pretty happy with the result. The powders live up to their photo-enhancing claim.

The three powders are very pretty, but also very subtle on the skin. On my tanned complexion, I need to really buff up a few layers for it to show. If you are looking for a more pigmented product, I would not recommend the Too Faced Selfie Powders.

The #TFNoFiler Selfie Powders palette comes in a very slim, compact, heavy-duty cardboard case making it easy to carry about in the makeup bag.

too faced no filter selfie #TFNoFilter Selfie Powders review1

At 4 grams per powder, I only wish it held more product!


What I LOVE About the #TFNoFilter Selfie Powders

  • The packaging (and the chihuahua!) is way too cute!
  • The light-filtering effect of the powders really does have photo-enhancing properties!
  • The packaging is small and compact, and can be carried around anywhere.


The ‘Not So Good’ About the #TFNoFilter Selfie Powders

  • The colours are very sheer and subtle. It would be a disappointment for someone looking for a more dramatic look.
  • The palette size is relatively small. Each powder comes in 4 grams each.
  • Total product weight of 3 powders in total is 12 grams. AED 180 is therefore quite a steep price to pay.


Where to Buy the #TFNoFilter Selfie Powders

I got mine from Sephora for AED 180.