Kaya Skin Clinic: My Experience with the ‘Kaya Ultra Youth Glow’ Facial

Half way through the busy work week, I decided to treat myself to a facial. The lovely people at Kaya Skin Clinic invited me to try out a facial of my choice, and given they are conveniently located on the second floor of Mega Mall (Sharjah), I managed to fit in an appointment during my lunch break.

What is Kaya Skin Clinic? Created under the umbrella of Marico, one of India’s pioneering beauty goods manufacturers, Kaya Skin Clinic opened its doors in Dubai in early 2003. Combining the expertise of trained dermatologists and beauty experts with the customer service and care the women of the Middle East would expect from the high-end retail sector, Kaya Skin Clinic has built a reputation for their advanced, state of the art skincare technologies. Today the brand has over 18 branches across the GCC region.

Facials at Kaya Skin Clinic are therefore far more advanced as compared to your regular salon or spa treatment. They offer a number of facial packages that can be customized as per individual needs (more details can be found on their website link here). I decided to try out the ‘Kaya Ultra Youth Glow’.

‘Kaya Ultra Youth Glow’ Claim:

“Welcome to an experience so revitalizing, it takes years off the face. Kaya Ultra Youth Glow. Ideal for re-energizing tired and dull skin before that special occasion, to look the best. All in a relaxing 90 minutes of pure skin pampering. Kaya Ultra Youth Glow leaves skin smooth, soft and hydrated for days. Got something special coming up? Wear something new. A bright, youthful look, a special aura.” – Kaya Skin Clinic website.

My Experience with the ‘Kaya Ultra Youth Glow’:

The interiors of Kaya Skin Clinic is very clean, white and clinical. The lady at the reception was busy on the phone when I got there, and her workstation looked more apt for the reception area of a corporate office.

Once I introduced myself, she took me to a waiting area that had a comfy leather couch in one corner, and a television screen playing reruns of what appeared to be a dermatological show in Arabic. There was ample reading material in one corner, and a very official-looking set of rules and regulations about the clinic.

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So far, I felt more like I had come for a formal interview than a relaxing facial treatment. About 10 minutes into waiting, the lady from reception hands me a four-paged disclaimer questionnaire. This is all very serious business! At Kaya Skin Clinic they want to know all your skincare habits as this will help them to better evaluate the treatment at hand.

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Then my Skin Therapist walks in. Despite her formal, clinical attire that would look perfectly in place at a hospital ward, I felt right at ease as soon as I met Rehana. Perhaps I am biased as there was a connection right away. You see, my mother shares the same name! But suddenly I was a child in a candy shop and was super excited following Rehana down to my treatment room.

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The treatment room is once again all white and clinical, and rather cold. I was thankful for the snug blanket I got to tuck into on the treatment bed.

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The ‘Kaya Ultra Youth Glow’ is a 90 minute session, and Rehana began by explaining what the process involved.

First of all, my face and décolletage areas were thoroughly cleansed, and every trace of makeup removed with Kaya’s Soothing Cleaning Gel. The gel was deliciously cold, and felt like the invigorating freshness of peppermint on my skin.

Next came the scary part. Rehana explained she was going to gently exfoliate my face using a machine that would remove the dead skin cells on the outermost epidermis. I had my fingers tightly crossed under the blanket praying it wouldn’t be too rough! At Kaya Skin Clinic, they use state of the art technology, and their Diamond Microdermabrasion machine ensures that the skin gets a very thorough exfoliation. Thankfully the ‘diamond’ exfoliation didn’t feel any rougher than a coarse towel on the face. The probe did a gentle suction on the face which was quite relaxing, and I wished away all the debris it would suck up like a mini vacuum-cleaner for my face.

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The next stage was the most painful from the entire ‘Kaya Ultra Youth Glow’ process. Rehana looked deep into my skin through clinically bright white light and got prodding around my nose and chin areas to unclog the pores and extract unsightly white heads.

Rehana tells me my skin is pretty clean otherwise, and that I have a combination to dry complexion. My T-zones tend to oil up, and I therefore need to up my water intake (more trips to the loo today!).

To calm down the assaulted skin areas, Rehana gave my face a quick rub-down with aloe vera gel which made it feel as cool as a cucumber and ready for the next step.

Yet another gel was rubbed into my face and décolletage area. It was not as cooling as the previous two, and made my skin tingle with itchiness. Rehana advised this was a Vitamin C concentrate, and the tingling would diminish within a minute. If you have overly sensitive skin, it would be advisable to speak up at this stage and the Skincare Technician will readjust the treatment accordingly.

Thankfully the tingling settled down as promised on my skin, and Rehana used yet another machine with an infrared wand. It glowed a scary orange near my face, but its warmth was very mild and comforting in that cold treatment room. This process helped the Vitamin C soak right into my skin, and I could actually feel my skin getting rehydrated and pumped up with freshness. Vitamin C helps the skin boost collagen production, giving the complexion an overall supple, youthful firmness.

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After the Vitamin C treatment, Rehana  gave me a 15 minute facial massage. This was an absolute treat, and I was just a few winks from slumber with all this pampering. Rehana advises getting regular facial massages as this helps regulate the blood flow and keep the complexion youthfully glowing.

The ‘Kaya Ultra Youth Glow’ treatment is finished off with the application of the ‘Insta Glow Mask’. Rehana advised me to refrain from facial movements, and dimmed the lights and let me relax for a good 20 minutes allowing the deeply hydrating mask to work its magic.

The mask peels off easily, and after cleaning up my face, Rehana applied a serum and sunscreen from the Kaya skincare range, and I was ready to go.

I am not exaggerating when I say my skin has never felt so refreshingly hydrated before. It feels like the hydration is coming from within, and my complexion had an immediate, unmistakable dewy glow to it.

I got back to work sans makeup, and just applied a little lip-gloss. My skin not only felt amazing, it looked it too and I was not going to hide it under makeup!

Best of all, I had an event to go to right after work and even in the dim lighting of the car, my husband commented that my skin was absolutely glowing!

The ‘Kaya Ultra Youth Glow’ treatment shows visible results right away, and continues on the morning after as I type this review.

At AED 750 this treatment does not come cheap, but with results like this, I am planning to get this done on a monthly basis and am sure it will pay off in the long run. I’m also planning to look into their extensive range of beauty products to try on my own; after all, they are skin experts!

The Good:

  • My skin has never felt better! No exaggeration. The ‘Kaya Ultra Youth Glow’ instantly delivers on its promise of rejuvenated, glowing skin.
  • Kaya Skin Clinic is based on clinical expertise, and use state of the art equipment. The staff are very well trained, the premises are squeaky clean and you can rest assured you’re in expert hands.

The Not So Good:

  • Kaya Skin Clinic has the look and feel of a clinic. If only the ambience could be more spa-like!
  • Kaya Skin Clinic treatments don’t come cheap. However, the results are worth every dirham spent, and you can always look out for their special deals online.

Price & Availability:

The ‘Kaya Ultra Youth Glow’ 90 minute treatment costs AED 750, or AED 2,700 for 4 sessions.

For more information on Kaya Skin Clinic, their locations and treatments offered, have a browse through their website. Say hello to a glowing new you! #kayaarabia #mykaya #Kayaexpert