Kiehl’s Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate

kiehls line reducing eye brightening concentrate review

There are many under-eye products out there, most claiming to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. However, it has been pretty challenging to find an under-eye treatment that is designed to combat dark circles.

When I heard of Kiehl’s Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate, I knew I had to try it. I am a huge fan of Kiehl’s and their breakthrough skincare lines, and given the number of late nights I’ve been having these past few weeks, I thought it would be the perfect time to put this product up for trial.

Product Claim

Kiehl’s chemists are proud to have formulated an effective line-reducing eye treatment for brighter, younger-looking eyes. This formula contains a potent concentration of pure Vitamin C 10.5%, known for its affinity with skin and powerful ability to improve the appearance of again skin. It also contains Haloxyl, which strengthens, soothes and brightens the eye area, and helps eliminate dark circles.

Key Ingredients

Vitamin C: This concentrate contains a whopping 10.5% of Vitamin C in the form of L-Ascorbic Acid. This is a very high concentration of pure vitamin C, and acts as a wonderful antioxidant for the skin. Vitamin C helps the skin regulate the production of collagen protein, which helps to keep the skin youthfully supple and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Haloxyl: Haloxyl is a synthetic formulation that moisturizes the skin, and absorbs the pigments responsible for causing dark circles.

My Experience with Kiehl’s Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate

I’ve been using Kiehl’s Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate for the past 1 month now. I use it every night before hitting the sack.

The product is very light and fluid, and a pea-sized drop is all I needed for applying under both eyes.

A few dabs around the eye sockets is all that is needed, and the product absorbs into the skin effortlessly within a minute.

I was impressed how the formula did not leave a greasy shine like many other under-eye creams I have tried in the past. It dries into a matt finish that blends well with makeup.

I’ve been using this product religiously for the past one month. I use it once a day before bed.

The past month has played havoc with my sleeping patterns. We were observing the holy month of Ramadan, and then I jet-set off to Amsterdam. This little tube has seen me through and some of the comments I’ve received including ‘You don’t look sleep deprived at all’ are a testament to the Kiehl’s Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate’s magic.

Without this product, I would be susceptible to dark circles, but these have not made a major appearance over this sleep-starved period.

I don’t have under-eye wrinkles (yet!) but upon using this concentrate, the skin around my eyes feel more taut and refreshed.

They say prevention is better than cure, so I think I’ll be sticking to this formulation for a long time to come!


  • Reduces the intensity of dark circles.
  • Minimizes fine lines.
  • Firms and tones the delicate skin around the eyes.
  • Like all Kiehl’s products, this concentrate has a scientific backing, and loaded with high quality ingredients.
  • Paraban-free.
  • The packaging is perfect for the active ingredients. The slim nozzle prolongs the product’s shelf-life.
  • The product is light and fluid, and is easily absorbed into the skin.
  • Does not have a greasy after-effect, and can easily be used under makeup.


  • This product has a high concentration of Vitamin C, and may not be tolerable by very sensitive skin types.
  • Retailing at AED 170 for a 15 ml tube, this is quite an expensive product! However, given this is a concentrate, you only need a very small amount per application.

Kiehl’s Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate retails for AED 170 for a 15 ml tube, and can be bought from the following stockists in the UAE:

Dubai Stockists:

  • Kiehl’s The Dubai Mall, 1st Level of The Dubai Mall
  • Kiehl’s Bloomingdale’s, The Dubai Mall
  • Kiehl’s Harvey Nichols, Mall of the Emirates 
  • Kiehl’s Mercato, Mercato Mall
  • Kiehl’s Festival City, Dubai Festival City Mall

Abu Dhabi Stockist:

  • Kiehl’s Areej, Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi