Sunsilk’s Debut into the Dry Shampoos Market

Sunsilk is one of those iconic brands that everyone around the globe has used at one point or another.

Picture30Over the past few years, the brand has elevated its game by associating individual products with major personalities in the hair-care business.

With Sunsilk’s debut into the market for dry shampoos, the association continues ensuring end users like us continue to enjoy quality products at supermarket prices.I was sent this pretty pink box of Sunsilk dry shampoos for trial. Given my excitement, I even posted a click on Instagram:

sunsilk dry shampoo review

Dry shampoos are a God-send for women:

  • It saves us the time and hassle of washing our hair on a daily basis (which strips the hair of its natural oils).
  • It instantly gives a boost of life to a limp, greasy mane making it all fresh and bouncy with one spritz.
  • It adds volume!
  • It’s super easy to use. Just spray onto the roots, rub it in and brush as usual.

What makes the Sunsilk range unique?

  • I’ve used a number of dry shampoo brands in the past. Most brands have a variety of scents on offer, but the Sunsilk range has 3 different dry shampoos that are targeted for 3 different hair concerns: Normal Hair, Greasy Hair, Colored Hair.
  • Each of these 3 dry shampoos have been advocated by 3 world renowned hair-care personalities:
    • Jamal Hammadi (Sunsilk Co-Creator and Shine Expert) co-created the Sunsilk Refreshing Dry Shampoo for Normal Hair. “Dry shampoo is great as you can skip a shampoo without having greasy hair but maintain volume and texture: spray in the morning, spray at night, spray any time of the day you need! Girls can now give their hair a break without losing out on style!” he says.
    • Sunsilk Refreshing Dry Shampoo for Greasy Hair was co-created with Dr Francesca Fusco, Sunsilk Co-Creator and Scalp Expert, who says dry shampoo is a game changer. “I see women in my dermatology practice every day who have tortured their hair and scalp with excessive heat and styling with backcombing and hair irons. Sunsilk Refreshing Dry Shampoo for greasy hair is a great, alternative way to update your style on the go without damaging your hair or putting stress on your scalp.”
    • Rita Hazan, Sunsilk Co-Creator and Color Expert, helped co-create the Sunsilk Refreshing Dry Shampoo for Colored Hair. “Frequently shampooing your hair after dyeing it can cause the color to fade quickly,” she says. “Using Sunsilk’s dry shampoo in between washes allows you to shampoo your hair less frequently, keeping your hair color looking healthy and vibrant!”
  • Best of all, the Sunsilk Dry Shampoo range is easily available across leading supermarkets, and retails for as low as AED 17 for a 100 ml aerosol can, and AED 25 for 200ml.

Given we are in the peak of a UAE summer, do your hair a favor and pick up a can of Sunsilk Dry Shampoo that’s right for you today. I’m loving the one for colored hair!