Behind The Blog… featuring Tehzeeb from The Tezzy Files

I am super-duper flattered to be featured on the lovely Confetti & Curves blog. Huge virtual *hug* Karen xoxo

Confetti and Curves

Tezzy Files

Goooood morning lovelies…

Hope you’re all keeping well! Isn’t it crazy how quickly February is whizzing by? This week in the Rees Household it’s half-term, which of course means my beloved daily schedule is completely up the left! *groan + dramatic eye roll* However not being one to pass up an opportunity to spend some quality time with my nearest & dearest, we’ve a few fun family trips lined up for the week ahead *cue cheesy Griswold-style grin* Hopefully I’ll remember to take my camera along so I can snap some fun pics to share with you all 😀

However onto today’s Behind The Blogger… I’m super excited to introduce y’all to the stunningly beautiful Tehzeeb (or Tezzy as she’s also known) from The Tezzy Files.

A few of the things I adore about blogging is meeting such a diverse range of inspiring people from all over the globe, learning more about new cultures, countries and (of…

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