IZIL Beldi Black Moroccan Soap

Moroccan women are famed for their beauty, and their best kept beauty secrets have only recently been made public.

Morocco has given the world of beauty two life-changing goodies; argan oil and Moroccan baths. Combine the two, and you know you’re giving your skin a well deserved treat.

Izil is a brand new line of skincare products from Morocco, and I recently tried out a jar of Izil “Beldi Black” Moroccan Soap.


I have tried various forms of Moroccan baths before. In the UAE, we have many high-quality spas that offer this hamam service. You come out feeling thoroughly scrubbed clean, and it gives you flashbacks of your childhood days reminding you of how thorough your mother was with you at bath-times!

With Izil’s “Beldi Black” Moroccan Soap, you can recreate the hamam experience in the comfort of your very own bath-tub.

Izil’s “Beldi Black” Moroccan Soap is made of high-quality 100% natural ingredients. The key ingredients are argan oil, olive oil and eucalyptus oil.

izil beldi black moroccan bath

Beldi is a Moroccan word derived from the word ‘beld’ which roughly translates to region, country or territory. ‘Beldi’ is a synonym for something rustic, belonging to a particular territory, the real genuine deal from Morocco.

The texture of the product is gel-like, and the color is more of a russet honey hue than black. Upon opening the jar, I got a whiff of eucalyptus right away along with a sweet, subtle scent of caramel.

moroccan bath

The directions for a Moroccan bath are quite simple. Soak into a steamy tub of hot water and let your pores open up. If you aren’t bath-tub inclined, a hot shower will work just as well.

Next, apply generous dollops of the Moroccan soap all over the body (except the face) in circular motion, and rub in thoroughly.

I found Izil’s “Beldi Black” Moroccan Soap lathers up quite nicely. It starts off as a slightly runny honey hue, and lathers into a soapy white.

moroccan bath soap


After your body’s all lathered up, leave the soap on your skin for 5 to 10 minutes. Would you ever do this with your regular soap and let your skin dry out? Izil’s “Beldi Black” Moroccan Soap is made with high-quality natural oils, so the idea here is to let all this goodness seep into parched skin.

Now you need a kessa, the traditional Moroccan bath loofah. I got mine from The Body Shop. It is a loofah glove, and is just the right kind of ‘rough’ to get some serious scrubbing going.

kessa moroccan bath scrub

Scrub up and down, behind the ears, behind the knees. Remember bath-times with mummy again! Get the blood circulation going.

The scent of eucalyptus really kicks in at this stage.

Once I was showered and towel-dried, my skin squeaky clean with all that scrubbing, and all that exfoliating helped remove dead skin cells giving the skin an overall glow of rejuvenation.

Would I recommend Izil’s “Beldi Black” Moroccan Soap? The answer would be a big ‘YES’! My jar is nearly empty, and I need to restock.