Lush Lipsticks: My Signature Shades

Do you have a signature lippy shade? You know, that particular shade of lipstick that is just so ‘you’ that you smear it on without a second thought and would even reuse for a special night out?

Picking a signature lipstick shade can be quite a puzzle…

lush lipsticks puzzle

The perfect lipstick shade is a very personal choice. It depends on your color preferences, your skin tone, and how bold or subtle your wardrobe choices are.

I for one have four go-to shades by Lush that have me covered for just about anything.

Meet Decisive, Drive, Strong and Passionate:

lush lipsticks

Yes I love bold, bright lips!

Lush lipsticks come in a semi-liquid form, and are easy to apply with the sponge applicator given.


Here’s a close-up on the color shades:

lush lips

Decisive: This shade is advertised as Lush’s version of vintage cherry red. It is a beautifully bold red color, but take note it is a ‘cool’ shade of red with subtle sheens of pink, and not a fire-engine red.

It has a satin-like matte finish, yet manages to be very moisturizing.

The color does tend to transfer easily, but tends to last me a whole working day including lunch with no touch-ups.

me 1
Decisive Lipstick by Lush

Drive: This shade appeared darker on the Lush website than it is in person. It is predominantly purple with a hint of fuschia, and looks creamy and rather subtle when applied.

This shade has made me more open to purple lipstick. I would call it a subtle take on a deeper, gothic look. I can wear this anywhere.

Here I am doing the morning run, driving bubby to school wearing Drive (pun intended!).

me 2
Drive Lipstick by Lush

Strong: The bright, vibrant hue of blood-orange meets cheerful red perks me up every time.

I think a bright lippy is every girl’s secret weapon. Wear it as a pick-me-up, dress up a mundane outfit, or brush it on when you’re out of time to doll up the rest of your face.


Passionate: Passionate is Strong’s bolder, brighter cousin. This is a fiesta of fuchsia and purple, and has a subtle shiny sheen.

This is me dressed in a traditional abaya at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi. Given the rest of my look is pretty toned down, the bright fuchsia lips really add the perfect pop of color don’t you think?

me 4
Passionate Lipstick by Lush

If you’ve been reading my earlier beauty posts, you know I have quite an obsession with Lush. I love the concept of buying handmade, organic beauty products, and the heady scent of my local Lush store lures me in every time!

And why do I love Lush lipsticks?

  • These are vegan lip colors, sans animal derivatives. No cute bunnies harmed in any way.
  • Lush lipsticks are loaded with the lip-loving goodness of jojoba oil and rose wax to keep lippies soft and moist all day long.
  • Lush lip colors last all day long! Some shades are better at this than others, but in general, you’d rarely need a top-up through a busy day.
  • Lush lippies double up as cheek stains! I’ve used ‘Strong’ as a subtle blush, it gives my olive complexion a believably healthy summer glow.