Thai cuisine, by far, is my all-time favorite. I love the exotic combination of herbs, the delicate chemistry of hot, sour and sweet. I’ve eaten at many Thai restaurants across the city, but this was my very first visit to Tong Thai at JW Marriott Marquis, Dubai.

Walking into Tong Thai is a magical experience in itself. The long, spacious corridors with an eerie dimness reveal a beautifully done up interior complete with larger than life wrought-iron temple bells and cabana-style seating. And just when you think you’ve got a gist of the ambiance, you walk into an expansive space all lit up in the brightness of red lanterns.

When asked what my favorite kind of cuisine is, Thai always tops the list. I love the delicate medley of exotic spices and the fiery heat of Thai chilies. Even at home, we eat predominantly Thai inspired dishes.

So imagine my excitement when I got invited to yet another Thai gem last week! Inaugurated earlier this year, Cafe Isan is tucked away in a quiet corner of JLT (Lakefront Icon 1 Building, Cluster M) right next to Chawlas 2. We have quite a few restaurants in the UAE that specialize in Thai cuisine, but what sets this newbie apart is that their recipes originate from the Isan region of Thailand.


Hubby and I are ardent Thai cuisine lovers and thought we knew of every major Thai restaurant in Dubai. And then I get an invite for Fuchsia, Business Bay Dubai’s newest foodie hub. But it turns out Fuchsia isn’t new at all… their first branch in Barsha has rave ratings from regulars on Zomato, and it looks like we’ve been missing out on this ‘not so secret’ secret!

Fuchsia Dubai Thai Restaurant Business Bay Barsha Review by The Tezzy Files Dubai Food Blog Blogger Zomato (1)

Fuchsia is a family-owned business, conceptualized and created by a Pakistani father and daughter duo. They are already operational in Lahore and Karachi, and after their Dubai venture in Barsha turned out to be a major success, it was time to open a second door, this time in Business Bay.

Lemongrass Thai Restaurant has long been a family favorite. I’ve been a regular at their very first branch in Oud Metha (near Lamcy Plaza) ever since I landed in Dubai 9 years ago. This iconic restaurant with its trademark neon green logo and zen-like Thai-inspired interiors has since opened up a number of branches, and streamlined into food-courts with their ‘Lemongrass Express’ outlets.

Lemongrass Thai Restaurant on Sheikh Zayed Road Latifa Tower Review by The Tezzy Files Dubai food and lifestyle blog (9)

Lemongrass also has a special place in my blogging history. One of my very first blog posts compared the Pad Kee Mao of three Thai restaurants in Dubai, and at that point in time, Lemongrass aced the lot (you can read this post by clicking here).

The Friday before last, I had the pleasure of attending yet another fabulous #ZomatoMeetup . This time round, we met up at Thiptara, an exclusive fine-dining Thai restaurant tucked away in the nook of The Palace, Downtown Dubai.


When somebody says ‘Thai’, the foodie in me gets super excited. Thai food is by far one of my most favorite cuisines in the world! It also means I am quite a cynic when it comes to trying out a new Thai place. We cook Thai at home, have eaten Thai all around the globe, and quite honestly, have morphed into major Thai food snobs!

Please note the views expressed in this review are totally based on our own experiences and taste, and is a comparison of 3 popular joints in Dubai.

My husband and I are huge Thai cuisine fans, and one of our favourite Thai noodle dishes is Pad Kee Mao.

Pad Kee Mao translates to ‘Drunken Noodles’ and according urban legend, it earned its name  for being the perfect cure for hangovers owing to its super spicy sauce base. Pad Kee Mao is essentially flat rice noodles stir-fried in a spicy soya sauce and basil sauce. It was introduced to Thai menus by the Chinese, and has since evolved into a more aromatic Thai delicacy.