Spring, the youthfully trendy fashion brand, has a special affiliation with this season. They are, after all, named after spring, the season of early blooms, lazy sunshine and laid-back days by the beach.

I’ve been browsing their online store, especially their accessories section, and it got me lusting for a whole load of things for spring. Here’s a compilation of my Top 10 Must-Haves for Spring, from Spring 🙂

The beautifully breezy ‘winter’ days in Dubai are slowly but surely sweltering out. Although we do not have an official ‘spring’ season this part of the world (think summer, hotter summer and a mild, breezy winter!), the fashion police make it a point we are dressed up all pretty for this elusive season.

This fashionably Spring season, Pinko is reintroducing the floral femininity of the sixties and seventies. Their playful dresses showcase botanical motifs in swirling fabrics and ladylike silhouettes. These make me want to delve into elaborate tea parties and take out all that fine china from the cupboard!

retro pink