I was mispronouncing ‘Zou Zou’ as ‘Zaw Zaw’, but I later came to know its ‘Zoo Zoo’, an affectionate feminine Arabic name. Perhaps this beautifully bronze-lit authentic diner is named after a beloved Zou Zou the owner happened to know, a brilliant cook who had a special penchant with Mediterranean flavors and loved to feed a large brood.

Such is the warmth and familial familiarity that exudes from this beautifully decorated ‘Turkish meets Lebanese’ restaurant, located in Insta-friendly La Mer, Dubai.

Al Mayass is a Lebanese foodie institution of sorts. The legendary chain was first opened in Beirut circa 1997 by an Armenian family, and has since expanded to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Qatar, Riyadh, and New York.

The menu here is predominantly Lebanese, and also features a number of Armenian favorites. I visited the Dubai branch (located in Sofitel Dubai Downtown) earlier this month, and got a delectable insight into the authentic cuisines of the Levant. 

Mazaher translates to orange blossom, a fragrant essence often found sprinkled on gourmet Arabic delicacies. It is also the name of Trade Center Dubai’s newest Lebanese restaurant, and I had the pleasure of being invited for Iftar there last week.

The restaurant interiors are delightfully bright, chirpy and bistro-style. With Parisian-style cafe seating, potted plants and arched doorways, Mazaher is every bit the quintessential boutique-style cafe.

Image taken from http://www.mazaher-dubai.com

The word ‘cafe‘ is getting a major face-lift in the Dubai foodie scene. From what one would presume to be a simplistic setting for catching up over cups of coffee and a pretty pastry, you have the likes of Indian import Farzi Cafe offering a lineup of much talked about molecular gastronomy treats, and then I had the pleasure of dining at Grand Cafe Boulevard, a Lebanese fine-dining cafe that treats its guests like royalty.

Grand Cafe Boulevard Dubai review by The Tezzy Files UAE food and lifestyle blogger Lebanese Levantine fine dining restaurant (39)

Where else in the world do they roll out a red carpet for guests entering a cafe? This was the VIP welcome we received at Grand Cafe Boulevard! The cafe is located diagonally opposite The Address Downtown Dubai, and you need to drive up the Dubai Mall Fashion Parking ramp to get to the valet service offered right outside the red carpet.