Magnum ice-cream and I go back a long time. I’ve had a love affair with this calorie-laden, Belgian chocolate coated yumminess for as long as I can remember. Back home in New Zealand, they’d come up with limited edition Magnum flavours, and I remember taking over the family freezer when they introduced the absolutely divine Honeycomb edit where the milk chocolate casing was bejewelled with crunchy hokeypokey and the inner ice-cream was this golden-hued honeycomb flavour. So glad they’ve made this flavour mainstream, my family can now share the freezer again.

When it comes to ice-creams, Scoopi Café has upped the game from child’s play to designer dreams. Living in Dubai, you get used to everything big, bling and exorbitant, and just when we thought we’ve seen and heard it all, Scoopi Cafe’s founder and owner, Zubin Doshi creates headlines with Scoopi’s Black Diamond Ice-Cream.

scoopi black diamond the worlds most expensive ice cream
Image taken from the City Dubai website


Priced at AED 2,999 a scoop, this has to be the world’s most expensive ice-cream indulgence! The Black Diamond has an exotic Madagascar vanilla ice-cream base. It is infused with the world’s most expensive Iranian saffron and ‘black diamond’ black truffles, and garnished with 23 carat edible gold. If that wasn’t enough, this dreamy, elite blend is aptly served in a designer Versace bowl along with a matching designer spoon which the buyer can take home as a keepsake.