We’ve been fed marketing gimmicks all our life, be it a toothpaste that promises the brightest smile (winning you the coveted job), or that ordinary bottle of shampoo that will unlock a mirror-like sheen to stubborn tresses. But how many brands actually live up to the challenge of falling back on their promises?

Pril is a well-known household name the world over. Fathered by global conglomerate Henkel, this is a dish-washing liquid that claims to be so powerfully efficient, that one drop is sufficient for a whole pile of dishes, no matter how stubborn the grease.

Taking on the challenge of their ‘one drop’ claim, the brand has come up with an adorably clever little way of proving its point. Introducing the Pril One Drop Bottle!

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Being told I look like my mother is by far one of the best compliments I’ve ever received. If only I had her effortless grace and cooking abilities to match. The photo below is of my mother infront of the iconic Taj Mahal, sometime in the late seventies.


Mothers and daughters share a very special bond, and I definitely don’t need a commercially whipped up Mother’s Day to tell her how much she means to me. However, going by convention, I wish her twice a year! You see, although the West celebrates Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, the Arab world honors mothers on 21st March.

Have you bought your mother something special yet? Hurry! You only have this weekend to get yourself sorted! I have a list of ideas that might help… and these do away with the conventional gifting of bouquets and chocolate, I promise! Read on for more…

The demand for high-quality, authentic Italian food in the UAE is on the rise, and with it comes a whole new listing of Italian eateries who pride themselves on using the finest of ingredients available.

One such restaurant is Per Te. I just can’t seem to rave enough about Chef Glady’s immaculate Italian creations, and last Saturday morning, he was sweet enough to take me to his goldmine for Italian cheeses; Italian Dairy Products.

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Owned and operated by the very enthusiastic Mr. Leo Condemi who is an Italian national himself, Italian Dairy Products is located in Hamriyah Free Zone (Phase 2), Sharjah and is the only supplier of freshly made buffalo cheese in the UAE.

I met the very lovely Abi Mitton, Marketing Manager of South Africa’s prestigious wine-making brand, Abi renderedThe Winery of Good Hope at the wine-tasting event at The Meat Co. My brief chitchat with her a few months ago gave me a deeper insight into the world of wines. Did you know you actually get degrees specializing as a wine connoisseur? And how about eco-friendly wine-making, and the pairing of different wines with different meals?

Abi is a walking-talking encyclopedia on wines, and here she shares  insider information on the wine-making industry.

When my daughter was starting ‘big’ school this month (post nursery days), I was dreading the even earlier wake-up times. The household now rises by 6 am sharp, and she is out of the house with her father within 45 frantic minutes.

However, there is a silver lining to this new schedule. I don’t leave for work till 8.45 am, and I get a delicious slice of ‘me time’; a whole two hours to myself in a quiet, empty apartment.

After my magical experience of South African fine-dining over the tunes of shosholaza at The Meat Co, I was over the moon when I received an invite for a wine tasting session at their branch in Souk Madinat Jumeirah.

This was an exclusive media invite, and a very special menu was created by the very talented Chef Chris. However, the highlight of the evening was the wine! Chef Chris’ creations for the night were the perfect pairing with the beautiful South African wine that was overflowing that night.

I met the lovely Abi Mitton who is the Marketing Manager for The Winery of Good Hope. Abi is a Briton, and her love for fine wines took her to the prestigious wine-making region of Stellenbosch, in South Africa’s Cape of Good Hope.

Ramadan, the holy month of fasting observed by Muslims the world over, will commence around the 18th of June this year. During this entire month, Muslims refrain from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk. This fast is observed for spiritual growth, to increase empathy for the less fortunate, to celebrate the divinity of the Almighty, and to cleanse impurities of both the body and mind.

The association of dates with Ramadan is significant from both a religious and a health point of view. Today’s post explores the significance of dates in Islam. We look at a collection of Hadiths (verified quotes by Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) ) and put it side by side with the scientific the know-how of today.

hadith in dates there is a cure

There I was sitting at my office desk this mundane Thursday afternoon dreaming up a fabulous weekend and feeling awfully peckish. And then I get this little brown box. *Cue in the haloed lights and angelic harps*.

Munchbox UAE review

Famished and curious all at once, I tore open the beautifully eco-friendly packaging. Munchbox is a godsend for office munchkins like me!

What is the one thing you’d take with you if you were stranded on an island? For me, it would be a gallon (or more!) of organic, virgin coconut oil.

In Sanskrit, the coconut palm is called ‘kalpa vriksha’ meaning ‘the tree that supplies all that is needed to survive’.

Ancient wisdom has been passed down generations, and modern science is finally waking up to the plethora of health-inducing benefits this humble multi-purpose oil provides.

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