Crystal Healing 101: Busting myths of an age-old tradition

I’ve been drawn to the magic of crystals for the longest time, and proudly possess a collection of various quartz stones. When I first started my crystal healing journey over a decade ago ignited by my frequent visits to a tarot card reader who’s hauntingly beautiful room full of crystals proved to be a sanctuary for my troubled young mind, most of my friends and family thought I was headed for the cuckoo bin.

Fast-forward into 2019, and crystal healing has suddenly come to the limelight with celebrities like Victoria Beckham openly admitting to the benefits she’s reaped from her love for crystals and even incorporating them into her newest fashion capsule collection.

But What is Crystal Therapy?

The premise of this ancient art comes from the belief that all matter exude different vibrations of energy. But this is not just mythical hogwash. Atomic research over the past century has revealed that everything in our entire universe is made up of energy, even the most mundane household objects like a chair or a pen, or a strand of hair on your head.

Similarly, healing crystals are made up of different energy vibrations. We are already using the energy of clear quartz in our watches to keep time, and crystals now run our ‘hard to live without’ gadgets like our computers and smart phones. Crystal healing is also an important part of modern medicine; the pharmaceutical industry have been grinding up the minerals from natural crystals for the longest time.

Just like magnets use energy to attract or repel, healing stones crystals use energy in the same way. When you place certain crystals over certain parts of your body, your energy transforms, vibrates, pulses, moves and shifts in accordance with the properties and energetic signature of the crystal.

3 Common Uses of Crystal Healing

Clearing – Like a magnet, a healing crystal can pick up and absorb negative energy from the body.

Energizing – Like a special surge of electricity transferring energy into an object, healing crystals can push resonant frequencies into the body in the most gentle, soothing form.

Balancing – Nature was designed to be symmetrical, just look at the leaves in your garden, or your very own body. Sometimes life puts us off balance and our inner energies get misaligned. Crystal therapy attracts and repels, making it ideal for balancing inner harmony.

How to Incorporate Crystal Healing into Your Life

Wear Crystals – Think of your crystals as your daily dose of vitamins. Wearing them as jewelry is the easiest way to ensure they are near you at all times and continue to vibrate their loving energy into your day. I have a collection of beaded bracelets as well as rings and pendants.

Decorate Your Surroundings – Crystals are unique pieces of natural art that have taken thousands of years to form. They look stunning on a mantel piece, and vibrate positive energy. This takes me back to my sessions with the tarot card reader of my youth. She had giant towers of amethyst and rose quartz that gleamed their natural light in the soft halo of scented candles. Crystals add a peaceful, welcoming aura to a space.

Sleep With Them – Place your favorite crystals under your pillow for sweet dreams, or place a small collection by your bedside.

Meditate – Book in some me-time with your favorite pieces. Let your eyes feast on the magnificence of their beauty.

Book a Crystal Healing Session – Certified Reiki healers can provide an insightful analysis on crystals based on individual needs.

My dose of crystal goodness #ArmCandy

Choosing Crystals for Crystal Healing

You can google the benefits of any given crystal and come up with countless articles, but I really do believe a crystal chooses you rather than the other way round.

The subconscious mind already knows the vibrational energy source it is looking for. Don’t think over it too much, and let your intuition guide you. Does a particular piece feel extra special when you feel it in your hands? Are you attracted to its color and visual composition?

There is also an age-old belief that when you lose a crystal or that precious beaded bracelet finally breaks, it is a sign that the crystal has finished performing its duty on you and it is time to move on.

Tezzy’s Favorite Crystals

Rose Quartz – I’ve always been drawn to Rose Quartz despite not being a big fan of the color pink. Rose Quartz is known as the love stone and apart from attracting romance into your life, it promotes self-love, reduces inner anxiety and has this soft, loving energy about it. I’ve only recently discovered that Rose Quartz is the zodiac stone for Taurus and Libra. I am a Taurean sun with a Libra moon, what a coincidence.

Love my large Rose Quartz ring! I wear it far too often.

Amethyst – What’s not to love about this gorgeous crystal? The vivid purple hue makes it a favorite for jewelry, but I personally love it best in its raw, jagged form. Amethyst is believed to heal the crown chakra, promoting spiritual awareness, wisdom and understanding. It is believed to be a powerful stone for aiding depression and promotes creativity and imagination.

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Clear Quartz – This is the most abundantly found form of quartz and is highly affordable to boot. Clear Quartz is believed to be an energy elixir that strengthens your natural aura by keeping positive energy in, and negative energy out.

Lapis Lazuli – The name ‘Lapis’ comes from the Persian word “lazhuward” meaning blue. It’s signature deep blue color has been associated with royalty, honor and celestial beings. Lapis Lazuli is the stone of ‘truth’, encourages encourages self-awareness, allows self-expression and reveals inner truth, providing qualities of honesty, compassion and morality to the personality. 

Love this Lapis Lazuli Buddha bracelet from

Turquoise – this bright blue ‘good luck’ stone has attracted a great deal of folklore among the Aztecs and the Ancient Egyptians alike and is a prized jewelry stone. Beware of replicas as it is also one of the most easily duped stones. Wearing a genuine piece of turquoise is believed to promote tranquility and keep many respiratory ailments at bay.

Jade – For centuries, the Chinese have worn jade in the belief that this beautiful stone can save one from disaster, protect from evil, attract love and bring good fortune. In New Zealand, the jade tends to be of a darker emerald green and is called “Pounamu”, Maori for Greenstone. It is widely used for Maori good luck totems, and I wear my ‘Pikorua’ (Maori for ‘Twist’) often. The Pikorua symbolises the bond between two people, whether founded in friendship, love or blood. It connects the spirits of friends, family and lovers, bringing them closer together across space and time. It’s said to represent their life path. Like the continuous shape of the greenstone twist, life for both individuals will continue despite many unexpected twists and turns, inevitably bringing them together again as it travels full circle.

Spot my Pikorua!

How to Clean Your Crystals

Your precious quartz is like a sponge. It sucks in a great deal of foreign energy, and it is therefore vital to clean it out regularly to really reap its benefits.

Most crystals can be cleaned under running water or salt water. A more holistic approach is to fumigate them with the smoke of burning sage. A far simpler way is a moon bath, where you leave your precious crystals out all night under the light of the moon.

Word of Caution

Crystal Healing bears no religious or moral significance, and is based on holistic healing practices that have been refined over the ages. By no means should crystal therapy take presidence over prescribed medicine.

Crystal Healing is a powerful tool that promotes self contentment. Have fun with it, and I hope in time the skeptic in you will grow just that bit more curious and build a crystal collection of your own.