10 Reasons Why You Need the Foreo Luna 2 in Your Life

I’ve always been under the impression that great skincare starts with squeaky clean skin. But the catch 22 here is the premise that we need to be extra gentle with our skin. As one of my good friends puts it, ‘This is your face! You’re not doing the dishes.’

I’ve been using washcloths and facial brushes for the longest time, and when Foreo hit the market in late 2015, I knew I had to have one. However, the steep pricing has always kept me from turning into a Foreo girl. Had I known its benefits earlier, I would have taken the plunge far sooner.

Unlike many other facial cleaners in the market including the much-hyped predecessor Clarisonic, Foreo is like no other facial cleaner ever created, and here are 10 reasons that make it so unique…

10 Reasons that make the Foreo Luna 2 Super Special:

  1. Money-Saving in the Long Run: It’s an investment, but its the only time you’re opening those purse strings. Unlike all others before it, Foreo devices do not require you to buy brush replacements.
  2. Hygienic: The Foreo is made of high-quality, paraban-free silicon which makes it very hygienic, bacteria-free and low maintenance as compared to the conventional brushes.
  3. Deep Cleanses: Foreo promises to clean 99.5% of the dirt and grime in your pores, exfoliates and removes dead skin. That’s pretty hard-working if you ask me!
  4. Excellent Battery Life: You only need to charge it for an hour, and it promises you 7 months of use till it needs recharge! If only my phone and laptop lived that long.
  5. Portable: Compact, light-weight and combined with a long battery life, the Foreo Luna 2 is the perfect travel companion. You can even lock the device for travel. And did I mention its 100% water-proof?!
  6. Anti-Aging: the Foreo Luna 2 is not just a great cleaning device. Flip it over for the massage option that helps your beauty products sink in, and reduce the appearance of tell-tale signs of aging.
  7. Timed Pulses: Not only can you control the intensity of the pulses, but the device gives out beeps every 15 seconds to alert you to move on to another section of the face. Now this is smart cleansing!
  8. Choose by Skin-Type: The Foreo Luna 2 comes in 4 variants; pink for normal skin, blue for combination, lilac for combination, green for oily and they even have a special black edition for men.
  9. Budget-Friendly Version: If you want to try out the cleansing features of the Foreo before the big splurge, get yourself a Foreo Mini. Battery-operated, it lasts for a good 100 uses.
  10. 2 Year Warranty: You need to sign up on the global website to register your warranty, so their warranty has you covered anywhere you happen to be.


Product Pricing & Availability

I recently bought my Foreo Luna 2 from Harvey Nichols as they had a special promotional pack for AED 1,050. This is their limited edition ‘A Dream Come True Collection’ which includes the Foreo Luna 2 in pink (for normal skin), a Foreo Luna Play (the non-rechargeable mini) and 60ml tubes of their day and night cleansers.

Image result for foreo a dream come true

If you buy the Foreo Luna 2 on its own, it retails around AED 950 (varying by retailer), so this is a great deal if you’re planning to jump on to the Foreo bandwagon.

The Foreo range is available in Harvey Nichols, Sephora and online on Souq.com


The Results

I noticed a significant difference from the first use itself. My face felt incredibly soft and radiant, and the massage-like ritual is something I actually look forward to every morning and evening.

It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve started my Foreo routine, and I haven’t skipped a day. The UAE summer is well and truly here, which means my skin often has a major breakout with the sudden heat and humidity. This time round, I’ve been enjoying clear, super clean skin and don’t think I’ll ever go back to conventional face cleaning.

Take it from me, you need a Foreo Luna 2 in your life. Thank me later.