Roti Rollers: Indian Street Food just got Quirkier

Dubai foodies are a blessed lot. The number of new entrants into the foodie scene is expanding exponentially, each claiming a new take with Insta-worthy offerings. If you love Indian cuisine, you might have come across tempting shots from brand new Indian joint Roti Rollers. 

Roti Rollers is anything but another Indian restaurant. First off, with competitive pricing and a signature menu to boot, the restaurant fills the vacuum between fine-dining and the ultra cheap bachelor haunts.

Secondly, Roti Rollers dedicates its menu offerings to classic Indian street-food, but with urban tastes in mind. The food takes cues from international ingredients, and also makes an attempt at keeping the calories down. No greasy aftermath here. 

I visited their brand new, absolutely quirky new branch at La Mer Dubai last week. With tongue in cheek signage, neon color schemes and relics from an Indian past, the interiors here are so Insta-worthy and had me clicking from the entrance itself.

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We met the very friendly and articulate Chef Sameer who is heading the operations of the brand. The menu is not overly extensive; they’ve stuck to the dishes they are confident with, and this gamble seems to have paid off.

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Chef Sameer

“We are challenging the conventional way people think about sandwiches and Indian food. Spicy, tasty, simply delicious! We have added just enough touches of exotic Indian heritage to remind us of our roots.” –

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A sampler plate of all the sauces, all made in-house and served with a variety of ‘roti chips’

Everything here is made in-house, including the meticulously rolled out rotis, kneaded with minimal oil content. You can choose from a range of signature kebabs and have it rolled in roti with sauces of your choice. Or have it in a bowl with a mix of salads and sauces.

We tried a variety of items. Here are a few I highly recommend you try:

  1. The Edamame Dosa: Chef Sameer tells us that the people of Andhra Pradesh make a pale green version of the ever-popular South Indian dosa as green lentils are used in the batter. Taking this novel, healthful concept a few steps further, Chef has introduced Japanese Edamame beans into the stuffing! The result is a crisp, satiating dosa without the heavy after-feel, and this dish has been marked as vegan to boot. Roti Rollers La Mer Dubai Food Review UAE Blogger (8)
  2. Pav Bhaji Fondue: The idea of turning this ever-popular spicy tomato-based vegetable mash into a fondue dip is not new. However, what I loved here is that Chef Sameer refrained from drowning the ‘fondue’ with cheese. The pav bhaji retained its classic flavors, and dipping buttered bun on skewers proved to be quite entertaining.Roti Rollers La Mer Dubai Food Review UAE Blogger (12)
  3. Smash Fried Okra: I love deep-fried okra! At Roti Rollers this classic delight is made more crunchy by butterflying the okra and battering them in crisp, golden Japanese Panako crumb. Roti Rollers La Mer Dubai Food Review UAE Blogger (9)
  4. Masala Fries: These fries are to die for! Chef Sameer states he absolutely hates ready-made chaat masala, so these fries are sprinkled in his very own tangy-hot spice mix and you will be left licking the platter for more. Roti Rollers La Mer Dubai Food Review UAE Blogger (13).JPG
  5. Quinoa Biryani: If you love biryani and much as I do, this is a must-try. The spice base is subtle yet aromatic, and moreishly delicious boneless portions of sheekh kebab are served on the side. Roti Rollers La Mer Dubai Food Review UAE Blogger (7)
  6. Kulfi Coffee: A signature drink at Roti Rollers, this rich, creamy concoction has a sweetened reduced milk base that is blended with dark coffee and coconut. It tastes of the tropics, yet so altruistically Indian all at once.

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    Left to right: Mango Lassi, Lemon Mint and Kulfi Coffee
  7. Karak Chai: No Lipton dip-dips in Chef Sameer’s kitchen! He adheres to the tea-making rituals of the streets of Bengal where the milk is made to boil for hours with fresh tea leaves. The resulting taste is deliciously aromatic and refreshing. Roti Rollers La Mer Dubai Food Review UAE Blogger (14).JPG


With a steady rise in fan-followings in the short time since they launched, Roti Rollers is a refreshingly new concept to Indian street food as we know it. Visit the La Mer branch, the interiors there are stunning!

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