‘When’ Mask: Travelmate Mask Review

A road-trip through sunny UAE, and a walkathon around Yas Island left my skin crying out for rejuvenation once we hit our hotel room at night. I’ve been using the masks from the ‘When Special Package’, and was saving up the ‘Travelmate’ mask for this short trip.

The mask was packed with the rest of my beauty travel stash below:

When Travelmate Mask Review beauty products to carry on a one night stay

Product Claim:

The ‘When’ Travelmate mask has been created to combat the fatigue of travel, and over-exposure to wind and sun.

With Travelmate, you can soothe the skin damaged by UV rays, wind, dry cabin air and travel fatigue. Its Swiss Alpine herb extracts gently hydrate your skin, and other natural ingredients help you restore moisture and a healthy glow. When bio-cellulose mask Travelmate is your best friend on the road. With Travelmate, you’re ready to hit the road! –When website.

Key Ingredients:

  • Sacccharide Isomerate and Swiss Alpine Herb Extracts: to gently hydrate and rejuvenate a tired complexion post-travel.
  • Glycerin and Sodium Hyaluronate: to deeply moisturize.
  • Grapefruit Seed, Bamboo Stem, Pine Leaf, and Ginseng Extracts: to maintain a healthy, glowing complexion.

My Experience with the ‘When’ Travelmate Mask:

Had to get the Viceroy into my When Travelmate selfie!

Like the other ‘When’ masks I’ve reviewed here earlier, the Travelmate mask is made of bio-cellulose material that is derived from natural coconuts. It therefore adheres beautifully well onto the face, and is a breeze to put on.

The mask has an immediate cooling effect on the skin which is great for a travel-fatigued complexion.

The product on the mask is gel-like and mildly sticky, but this dries into the skin pretty effectively thanks to the bio-cellulose mask technology. 10 minutes into wearing the mask, I could already feel my skin lapping up the moisture.

The mask needs to be removed after 30 minutes, and the leftover serum-like product can be massaged into the skin. You don’t have to wash up after a ‘When’ mask, making it super easy to use. Picture38

My skin felt so fresh and rejuvenated, that I actually got the confidence to take a post-mask selfie #nofilter sans makeup. Sorry if this #daretobare selfie scares you though!

The Good:

  • This mask really delivers on its promise at restoring travel-fatigued skin.
  • The mask is super-easy to use!
  • The packet is flat and compact, making it ideal for travel.
  • It gave me the confidence to take a #nofilter #sansmakeup #selfie 🙂

The Not So Good:

  • Not sold separately! Comes in an assorted pack of 5 called the ‘When Special Package’.

Where to Buy:

The  ‘When Special Package’ of 5 assorted ‘When’ masks retails for AED 159, and is exclusively available at all Sephora stores across the Middle East. For more information on ‘When’ masks, visit their website.