3 Reasons that make Air New Zealand ‘Sweet As’!

I booked my trip home to New Zealand on Singapore Airlines. However, the flights between Singapore and New Zealand were operated by Air New Zealand as the two airlines have a partnership deal through Star Alliance.

I’ve flown Air New Zealand domestically within New Zealand, and have never been too impressed. The aircrafts for one are very tiny, and all you get onboard is a cup of tea or coffee accompanied by a miniature biscuit (it still makes me giggle how the flight attendants even announce this: ‘In a few minutes we will be serving you tea or coffee along with a biscuit‘!).

However, for the longer haul, Air New Zealand’s international flights are a class apart. Being a Kiwi myself, perhaps this is biased but here’s 3 reasons I thought Air New Zealand was ‘Sweet As’!

air new zealand sweet as

1) Air New Zealand’s Safety Video

In New Zealand, rugby is not a sport, its a religion and the country has churned out the best rugby team in the world; the All Blacks.

Using the All Blacks as national icons and turning it into a spoof with the ‘Men in Black’ theme, Air New Zealand’s safety video is one that grabs the attention of even the most seasoned traveler who happens to fall asleep before the flight takes off.

2) Personalized Greetings

Who doesn’t like a bit of personalized service? On Air New Zealand, the in-flight entertainment screens greet passengers by name!

air new zealand personalised screen

3) Air New Zealand’s Food & Drink App

So I dissed the domestic flights for their lousy free biscuit, but the international flights have the Food & Drink app!

air new zealand food and drinks app

This allows insomniacs like myself to order all the free biscuits they want!

They also have other snacks like chippies, fruit and sandwiches and a whole range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. I was also impressed how you can mix and match your tea just the way you like it: black, no sugar, with a wedge of lemon please!

As Kiwis would put it, Air New Zealand is pretty ‘sweet as’!