Aubaine, a popular London-born French restaurant and boulangerie, has made its debut in the┬áDubai foodie scene this December. Taking up a prime location at the main entrance of The Dubai Mall itself, this is the restaurant’s very first international stint (having opened 10 successful chains in its home turf, London so far).

Aubaine‘ is French for ‘treat’, and I was really looking forward to my lunch there last weekend, especially after getting glimpses of their fabulous lineup of sweet treats on social media!

I was invited to the annual Lafayette Gourmet Food Fest 2015 that was held last Thursday, and the event was populated with the media, UAE food bloggers, and food enthusiasts.

The 3-day fest is on its fourth year running, and is being held at Galeries Lafayette, The Dubai Mall. It runs from Thursday 17th September to Saturday 19th September, and is loaded with exciting tastings, foodie workshops, and entertainment for the entire family.

The event was hosted by local and internationally renowned chefs, and I had the pleasure of tasting some gourmet dishes from around the globe. This post is a photographic tour of my experience.

Galeries Lafayette Gourmet Food Fest 2015 #GLfoodfest (10)