Ever-popular Purani Dilli at Mankhool Dubai has recently opened a brand-new branch in centrally located 4 Points by Sheraton on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Although our city offers an endless lineup of Indian restaurants, the success of Purani Dilli has been their ability to stay true to their name. The menu is unashamedly ‘Old Delhi’, the capital of authentic North Indian Mughlai cuisine sans any frills or new-age tricks.

The ‘new’ Purani Dilli offers the exact same, much-loved menu but in swanky new interiors. The Sheikh Zayed branch is smaller and cozier than its earlier counterpart and boasts of shabby chic inspired décor amalgamated with kitsch Indian finds.

A few weeks back, we dined at the vibrantly inviting Desi Village. Located in the heart of Garhoud near the Emirates Aviation College, this spacious, beautifully decorated restaurant offers Indian, Arabic and Continental cuisines.

The head chef and most of the staff are from the North Indian state of Lucknow, the capital for Mughlai cuisine and kebabs, and we therefore indulged in a gastronomy of North Indian delicacies.

What is a Kulcha? A kulcha is a popular flat-bread made of wheat flour. It is baked in a traditional tandoor (an Indian clay oven), basted with butter and often served with chole (a chickpea curry) and a generous dollop of salted butter as garnish.

Amritsar, a city in the Northern state of Punjab (India) is well-known for their kulchas. An endless variety of kulchas have emerged from this region ranging by various stuffings. At Kulcha King restaurant itself, you have a choice between 9 different kulcha stuffings including vegetarian and non-veg options.

Kulcha King entered the UAE market just over 2 years ago, and has seen an impressive growth. The restaurant currently has 10 restaurants across Dubai (and one in Sharjah), and their latest branch is located on the ground floor of Flora Hotel (Barsha, Dubai right next to Mall of the Emirates).

We were invited to dinner at Kulcha King’s Flora Hotel branch last Thursday, and let me tell you their menu expands well beyond kulchas alone!

kulcha king barsha