What have you been up to this long Eid weekend? We decided to hibernate on Day 1, dreading the holiday rush across the city. Surely every road, every mall and every restaurant must be overflowing with people now that everybody is back from the summer break?

Well I have great news for you! I’ve recently discovered the (not so secret) secret hang-out for foodies who, like me, detest the crowds. Ironically just a few parallel roads down from buzzing Dubai Mall itself, Bay Square is a hidden gem housing some of Dubai’s most affordable restaurants under one spacious complex itself.


I was in Bay Square about a week ago, devouring really good Thai food at Fuchsia, and just a week later I was back yet again, this time for some amazingly affordable Indian at 25 Degrees North.


Chawlas  2 (pronounced ‘Chawlas Squared’) has all the makings of an epic rags to riches story. With humble beginnings in Ludhiana (in India’s Northern state of Punjab), the very first branch was christened Chawlas, and earned a reputation with its one-dish menu serving their signature Cream Chicken.

Till this very day, their Cream Chicken remains on the menu, yet the options have multiplied to include an extensive range of North Indian favorites. Over a span of 56 years, the restaurant stays true to its roots, keeping the flavors unabashedly authentic, sans any commercial frills and has over 100 outlets worldwide including India, Australia, Canada, the United States and is now open in Dubai. With a wider menu and a global presence, this 56 year old eatery now equates to Chawlas squared!

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