One of the biggest perks linked with blogging about food is the sheer diversity of invites I receive to try out different types of cuisines. However, apart from the eminent upward shift on the scales, food blogging also has another major downside. Here I am ready to tell you all about our fantastic evening out at Chez Sushi, and every little detail and drool-worthy click is making me exceptionally hungry and eager to go back… right now, now!

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Chez Sushi (or ‘in the home of’ sushi in French) is a very well-known chain among the sushi-munching dwellers of Dubai, and being a sushi lover myself, I was super excited when I got an invite to their Al Wasl branch last week.

Little Manila is a ‘first of its kind’ Filipino themed restaurant in Dubai, and is the global conglomerate, Al Ahli Group’s first venture into the food industry.

little manila logo deira dubai

The restaurant has officially started business from this Monday 14th September, and I had the pleasure of being invited to the media event on Saturday.

little manila deira dubai pinoy food opening
Al Ahli Holding Group’s senior executives CEO, Mohammed Khammas, and International Business Development Head, Mr. Parvez Naqvi lead the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Little Manila along with senior delegates from the Consulate General of Philippines (Dubai) office.

Mochi, Japan’s beloved sweet treat, is a rice cake made of glutinous sticky rice. The cake is traditionally stuffed with a sweetened red-bean paste, and has an entire festival dedicated to its making. Mochitsuki is the Japanese festival where glutinous rice is communally pounded in preparation for making mochis for New Year. Edo Café plays on tradition, and has as many as 15 varieties of the traditional mochi. edo cafe citywalk dubai