Jodhpur Royal Dining is one of my favorite places for Indian fine-dining in the city, and they have really upped their game this holy month with a very special Iftar menu.

The menu is divided into Veg and Non-Veg options, and consists of pre-starters, starters, main-courses, sides and desserts.

Starting off the magical culinary journey, diners get to break their fast with a dramatic selection of stuffed dates.

Honored to be the featured Food Blogger in Ahlan Masala! magazine for the 5th week in a row 🙂

Diwali, the auspicious Indian Festival of Lights, is just around the corner. We often associate Indian festivities with bright colours, pomp and music, and a whole load of tantalizing sweets. But the feasting is definitely not restricted to dessert…

Jodhpur Royal Dining Diwali Recipe Makkai Palak Red Raddish Carpaccio Vegetarian Dubai Food Blogger The Tezzy Files.jpg

The very talented Chef Pradeep Khullar from Jodhpur Royal Dining (at Murooj Rotana, Dubai), has been very busy creating a whole new lineup of delectable festive treats, and their special Diwali Menu is out now! Do give it a try.

One of the brand new, innovative dishes on Jodhpur’s Diwali Menu is the Makkai Palak, Red Raddish Carpaccio. 

About a week ago, I had the pleasure of being invited for Iftar at Jodhpur – Royal Dining, one of Dubai’s newest Indian fine-dining establishments. This was my very first visit to Jodhpur, and I was really looking forward to it. I have seen beautiful images across social media, and was especially intrigued by their Chaat Macaroons. Will all their dishes be just as innovative? What was their take on Iftar? Jodhpur proved to be a delightful take on classic Indian cuisine with a few global inspirations thrown in, and I had a very memorable experience.

Located in Murooj Rotana (Downtown Dubai), the clean, welcoming exteriors look deceptively modern. Walking indoors, the mind is transported to another world. The turquoise walls and gilded mirrors have all the makings of an enchanted castle, tucked away in the story books of exotic India.