One of the biggest perks of blogging is getting to meet very interesting, creative and likeminded individuals. A few months ago, I had a chance encounter with the lovely, bubbly Yvette Ali. I fell in love with her endearing accent, and my heart missed a beat when she mentioned she originates from the very colourful country of Puerto Rico. As we were at a foodie event (at the launch of the BBC Good Food show to be precise), I had a long list of questions for her about her native cuisine. Till I met Yvette, my idea of Puerto Rican dishes was vaguely similar to Spanish offerings. However, Yvette tells me their food has a great deal of African and Latino influences thrown in as well!


By day she freelances as a consultant (do check out her site by clicking here), but in her spare time Yvette whips up a feast that takes her back to her cultural roots. In today’s guest post, Yvette gives us a vivid glimpse into the world of Puerto Rican cuisine, and ends by generously sharing a recipe for her all-time favorite Escabeche de Pescado con Vianda. Read on for more!

Hooray! We are finally counting down to the weekend! Where are you heading this Friday? If you’re looking at spending quality time with the family over a leisurely brunch, the spread at Sufra might prove to be a great choice.

Sufra Hyatt Regency Dubai Friday Brunch review by The Tezzy Files Dubai Food and Lifestyle  Blogger (47).JPG

Sufra is the Hyatt Regency’s all-day dining restaurant specializing in Mediterranean dishes. However, their Friday Brunch is not restricted to Arabic food. They have favorites from around the globe, and give diners the opportunity to taste a number of dishes from the  restaurants from within Hyatt Regency itself.

Every ‘Somvaar‘ (Hindi for Monday), the entrance of Chor Bazaar restaurant at Ibn Battuta Gate transforms into a quaint little Indian marketplace. There is a stall showcasing an array of trinkets, Indian shawls and mirror-worked totes but these are just for show. This ‘bazaar’ is an elaborate buffet, a feast of ‘all you can eat’ delicacies from different corners of India.

Priced at AED 125 per person (or AED 225 with house beverages), the Somvaar Bazaar at Chor Bazaar is a great deal for quality food, set in a five-star ambience.

Aubaine, a popular London-born French restaurant and boulangerie, has made its debut in the Dubai foodie scene this December. Taking up a prime location at the main entrance of The Dubai Mall itself, this is the restaurant’s very first international stint (having opened 10 successful chains in its home turf, London so far).

Aubaine‘ is French for ‘treat’, and I was really looking forward to my lunch there last weekend, especially after getting glimpses of their fabulous lineup of sweet treats on social media!

Ramadan, the holy month of fasting observed by Muslims the world over, is set to commence from the 6th of June this year. I love the charms of living in the UAE during this beautiful month. Office hours are shortened, malls are open till early dawn, and a whole list of enticing Iftar and Suhoor buffets make for the perfect excuse to catch up with friends and family over delicious, Arabesque meals.

Warwick Iftar Ramadan 2016 (2)

I was invited to an Iftar preview at Warwick Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road – Dubai. Bayty, the all-day dining restaurant at Warwick, gets a makeover reminiscent of the Arabian Nights. With festive Ramadan lanterns lit at every corner, the Arabesque setting boasts of an elaborate buffet featuring Mediterranean favorites.

When I walked into The Cavendish, exuding the charms of old-school grandeur (white starched linen, immaculate tableware, a grand piano… the works!), I felt rather out of place. There I was in my ‘Boho meets Soccer Mummy’ getup, a breezy floral tunic paired with super-comfy slacks, when I really should have donned my pearls, red lippie and LBD.

Google has a major part to blame for this wardrobe malfunction. You see, I usually do a Google scan before I visit a new place, and this time round, this trusty search engine spat out a very colourful room that resembles a play pen: Picture16.jpg


The Sharjah Food Festival ended this weekend. The festival is spread across three areas within Sharjah; Al Majaz Waterfront, Al Qasba and Al Montazah. We spent an idle Friday evening at Al Majaz Waterfront courtesy Zomato, and had a great time.

Sharjah Food Festival 2016 SFF16 Al Majaz Waterfront (8)

The Sharjah Food Festival has stalls from many well-known brands, and is also a great introduction to a few I have not heard of earlier. 

When I saw an email invite in my inbox from Ishita Saha, I gave out a squeal of delight! Celebrity blogger Ishita Saha of ishitaunblogged fame (who also happens to be co-editor of FoodeMag, Dubai’s finest e-magazine on food) is the kind of role model aspiring food bloggers like me look up to. Dinner with Ishita was bound to be a memorable experience, and she elevated my expectations with this short clip on the restaurant we were previewing: