Dusty’s is DIFC’s ‘newest kid on the block’. Conceptualized and created by the very talented young foodie Dusty Tourani, the self-named gastro-bar is a compilation of his favorite dishes from around the globe.

Dusty's by Dusty Tourani DIFC Dubai food review (27)
Dusty’s Est 1988 actually opened its doors in June 2015. 1988 is Dusty Tourani’s year of birth 🙂


Born in Singapore to Indian socialite couple Mahesh and Rekha Tourani, Dusty is an amalgamation of many foodie influences. After completing high-school in Dubai, Dusty moved to the States. He was studying in the East Coast, and his brother was on the West. The two would meet up midway in New York, and this opened up a whole new world of gastronomic experiences to Dusty.