The month of love is upon us, and the media is sure to inundate you with a whole lot of fluff, pink hearts and drool-worthy diamonds. Being a full-time marketeer myself, I too fall into this cliche drill, but this time round I thought of creating a lineup of gifting ideas that take the meaning of ‘love’ beyond the cliche fluff and romance.

There is a great deal of love that needs to go around in the world today, and what better way to show it than spend your money on brands that go the extra mile to give back to the community? From beauty, fashion and beyond, there are so many great options to consider.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful mothers out there!

Meet Hermelinda. She too is a mum, and has been working in the UAE for the past two decades. Her heart-wrenching dilemma caught the attention of Radio Spice’s RJ Bhairavi, and went on to prove¬†how big-hearted Dubaiites can be.

It’s Mother’s Day today; the perfect day for a post on a loving mother with a heart full of love and hope. Grab a box of tissues, and read on about Hermelinda and her reunion with her beloved son Jonathan.