A Michelin star rating is akin to the holy grail of fine dining. It is a serious foodie’s Bible code, and topnotch chefs across the globe crave its approval.

But how did Michelin, a manufacturer of tyres, gain such authority over the world of food? Read on for its very colorful history.

michelin star guide history background what is 1900
An image of the very first edition of the Michelin Guide (1900) taken from the dignet.com site.

I was invited to the annual Lafayette Gourmet Food Fest 2015 that was held last Thursday, and the event was populated with the media, UAE food bloggers, and food enthusiasts.

The 3-day fest is on its fourth year running, and is being held at Galeries Lafayette, The Dubai Mall. It runs from Thursday 17th September to Saturday 19th September, and is loaded with exciting tastings, foodie workshops, and entertainment for the entire family.

The event was hosted by local and internationally renowned chefs, and I had the pleasure of tasting some gourmet dishes from around the globe. This post is a photographic tour of my experience.

Galeries Lafayette Gourmet Food Fest 2015 #GLfoodfest (10)

Nischay Kaul has been working in the publications industry for many years now, but I uncovered his secret passion – cooking!

Nischay originates from Kashmir, the very scenic, highly disputed Northern-most part of India. Here Nischay gives us an introduction to Kashmiri cuisine, and how he’s managed to combine his passion for cooking with his career in publications.

rogan josh recipe

…and he’s even shared his most treasured, authentic Kashmiri Rogan Josh recipe with us!