Downtown Dubai boasts of some of the snazziest bars in the city, all uniquely stylish in their own right. We are winding down to the weekend, and if you are planning to ring it in with your crew over a long lineup of drinks, Stock Exchange might just be the place for you.


Apart from their groovy, chilled out vibes and pub-grub that goes well beyond the usual hot wings and peanut bowls, Stock Exchange is based on a unique algorithm whereby the prices of the drinks keep changing through the night. It’s Economics 101 really. Governed by supply and demand, the more rounds of drinks you order, the lower the price.

Honored to be the featured Food Blogger in Ahlan Masala! magazine for the 5th week in a row 🙂

Diwali, the auspicious Indian Festival of Lights, is just around the corner. We often associate Indian festivities with bright colours, pomp and music, and a whole load of tantalizing sweets. But the feasting is definitely not restricted to dessert…

Jodhpur Royal Dining Diwali Recipe Makkai Palak Red Raddish Carpaccio Vegetarian Dubai Food Blogger The Tezzy Files.jpg

The very talented Chef Pradeep Khullar from Jodhpur Royal Dining (at Murooj Rotana, Dubai), has been very busy creating a whole new lineup of delectable festive treats, and their special Diwali Menu is out now! Do give it a try.

One of the brand new, innovative dishes on Jodhpur’s Diwali Menu is the Makkai Palak, Red Raddish Carpaccio.