We are counting down to the most beautiful month of the year; a month of piety, abstinence and self-reflection. Ramadan is also a month of communal gatherings and feasting.

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On Thursday 27th April, I went to my very first Iftar preview this season at the Cavendish, Bonnington Hotel (JLT). The last time we were here, we were treated to a decadent Italian fare (click here for more on that). The suave, sophisticated interiors, complete with its starched white table cloths, dazzling chandeliers and well-suited staff, create the perfect setting for dining with panache. For the month of Ramadan, Cavendish has put together a gastronomic fare infusing international favorites with the exotic elements of the Middle East. 

When I walked into The Cavendish, exuding the charms of old-school grandeur (white starched linen, immaculate tableware, a grand piano… the works!), I felt rather out of place. There I was in my ‘Boho meets Soccer Mummy’ getup, a breezy floral tunic paired with super-comfy slacks, when I really should have donned my pearls, red lippie and LBD.

Google has a major part to blame for this wardrobe malfunction. You see, I usually do a Google scan before I visit a new place, and this time round, this trusty search engine spat out a very colourful room that resembles a play pen: Picture16.jpg