I met the absolutely adorable, bubbly Chef Larissa Mazzoli a few months ago when I had my first taste of Chamas Churrascaria and Bar. Merely 24 of age, Larissa is a true connoisseur of her native Brazilian cuisine, and I was overly impressed with how passionately she talks about the churrascaria (a South American style of grilling meat over fire). You can read all about my kitchen tour with Chef Larissa by clicking here, and in today’s post Chef Larissa tells us more about her passion for grilling, and how she plans to take her career to the next step.

chef larissa chamas churascaria and bar

As a food blogger I’ve had the pleasure of being invited to an endless array of tastings, but it isn’t every day that I get to spend a Friday morning in the grilling station of one of Dubai’s finest grilling restaurants. Located on the ground floor of Crowne Plaza Dubai, Chamas Churrascaria & Bar looks every bit a carnivore’s dream. Even prenoon, the interiors are dimly lit, flamboyant and inviting.


Chamas‘ translates to ‘flame’ in Brazilian, and ‘Churrascaria‘ is a place where meats are cooked in the traditional ‘churrasco’ style of barbecuing on skewers, often on open flame. I was invited here by the wonderful team at “Kitchens of Dubai”. These storytellers showcased to us how the essential elements of water and heat come to play at mastering the art of grilling.