We’ve driven past Biryani Pot a countless number of times. This wee little outlet with its quirky pot-shaped logo resides on Jumeirah Beach Road. biryani pot jumeirah beach road Dubai review by the tezzy files uae food and lifestyle blogger (18)

Hubby is a huge fan of biryani (the much-loved spicy layered pilaf of the Indian subcontinent) and often goes on a biryani binge, trying out the little nooks and crannies of the UAE. He has come to the conclusion that the best biryanis only come from the smallest, most modest of places. Surely one with a jazzy logo sitting on the likes of posh, urban Jumeirah Beach Road will not fit the bill?

I had seen posts of their very innovative quinoa biryani across social media. Intrigued, I decided to drag along my cynical partner and give Biryani Pot a go.