I was mispronouncing ‘Zou Zou’ as ‘Zaw Zaw’, but I later came to know its ‘Zoo Zoo’, an affectionate feminine Arabic name. Perhaps this beautifully bronze-lit authentic diner is named after a beloved Zou Zou the owner happened to know, a brilliant cook who had a special penchant with Mediterranean flavors and loved to feed a large brood.

Such is the warmth and familial familiarity that exudes from this beautifully decorated ‘Turkish meets Lebanese’ restaurant, located in Insta-friendly La Mer, Dubai.

There’s something magical about Vida Downtown. I’ve only ever been here in the evenings, and it never fails to amaze me how this space can be all at once chilled out yet classy. Vida Downtown is a cocoon of serenity, a far crying contrast to the gaudy hustle-bustle of neighboring Dubai Mall.

It was a Friday night, and a queue of high-heeled, decked up young ladies lined up for a table at 3in1. The billowing cabanas by the poolside make for an ideal dinner setup, especially on a weekend. I too wanted a table by the pool, but as we had our little one in tow, we decided to sit indoors.

Aseelah is Dubai’s newest Emirati fine-dining restaurant, and is located in one of the city’s oldest hotel establishments; Radisson Blue – Deira, Dubai. With dazzling gilded interiors paying homage to the intricate architecture of the region, the restaurant is a spacious, welcoming abode for diners who are eager to get a taste of both traditional and contemporary Emirati cuisine.


My family and I dined at Aseelah a couple of weeks ago, and I have to say I was blown away by the talent of Chef Rabeh Adel Amer. My palette preference lean towards spicy, robust combinations, and I have often found regional dishes to be a little bland for my liking. Not the case here at all! 

We were invited to a mock-Iftar party at Al Khaimah last night. Located in one of Dubai’s oldest hotel establishments, Al Khaimah at the Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa is a spacious banquet hall that has been accentuated with beautiful Arabesque decor. The interiors look rather vintage, and have these gorgeous Aladdin lamps and Persian carpets displayed at every corner.

Al Khaimah Iftar at Arabian Courtyard and Spa (2)

Unlike many other hotels who have to revamp their space for that localized touch this Ramadan, Al Khaimah already has the much sought-after look and feel of the season.

Ramadan, the holy month of fasting, is scheduled to commence next week. With a plethora of Iftar options being offered around the city, Dubai diners are truly spoilt for choice. Fancy having an Iftar meal in the majestic surroundings of an Arabesque majlis? Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre is revamping the interiors of their Falcon Ballroom this Ramadan. Enter the Layali Zaman Ramadan Majlis, and embrace the auspicious grace of the holy month.


Hooray! We are finally counting down to the weekend! Where are you heading this Friday? If you’re looking at spending quality time with the family over a leisurely brunch, the spread at Sufra might prove to be a great choice.

Sufra Hyatt Regency Dubai Friday Brunch review by The Tezzy Files Dubai Food and Lifestyle  Blogger (47).JPG

Sufra is the Hyatt Regency’s all-day dining restaurant specializing in Mediterranean dishes. However, their Friday Brunch is not restricted to Arabic food. They have favorites from around the globe, and give diners the opportunity to taste a number of dishes from the  restaurants from within Hyatt Regency itself.

Ramadan, the holy month of fasting observed by Muslims the world over, is set to commence from the 6th of June this year. I love the charms of living in the UAE during this beautiful month. Office hours are shortened, malls are open till early dawn, and a whole list of enticing Iftar and Suhoor buffets make for the perfect excuse to catch up with friends and family over delicious, Arabesque meals.

Warwick Iftar Ramadan 2016 (2)

I was invited to an Iftar preview at Warwick Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road – Dubai. Bayty, the all-day dining restaurant at Warwick, gets a makeover reminiscent of the Arabian Nights. With festive Ramadan lanterns lit at every corner, the Arabesque setting boasts of an elaborate buffet featuring Mediterranean favorites.

Siraj, the authentically Emirati restaurant with a contemporary twist, is the latest addition to the list of dining places at Souk Al Bahar (Downtown Dubai). I’ve passed its premises on a number of occasions, and the stunning interiors make me take a second peek every time.

Siraj 1

The restaurant interiors pay tribute to the UAE, with seven distinct arches representing each Emirate. A flock of golden horses are suspended in mid-air, and the artistic vibes of Siraj is all at once Arabesque yet stylishly new-age. The most striking feature of the restaurant is the cursive calligraphy, flowing across the walls and the bar-stools. These are stanzas of poetry that were composed by the ruler of Dubai, HH Sheikh Mohammed himself.

Our staycation at Hilton Al Ain involved a great deal of snoozing, floating about the poolside and having an idle lunch at Flavours restaurant. Our dinner reservation was made at Makani Cafe, Hilton Al Ain’s open-aired restaurant specializing in Arabic grills and shisha.

Makani Cafe Hilton Al Ain review uae food and travel blogger (2)
Click of the front entrance of Makani Cafe, taken in the morning light.