5th Birthday Celebrations with Sugaholic!

My little cherub turned 5 yesterday, a whole half-decade! My cuddly little bundle is now a hyper little child with a strongly opinionated mind of her own. She’s graduated from Barney to Dora, and is currently fixated by the Frozen sisters.

She therefore insisted her birthday cake had to be a ‘Frozen’ one, preferably with the ‘cooler’ sister Elsa on it (pun intended!). Just like the sister duo Elsa and Ana have a huge fan following with little girls the world over, the Bhatia sisters Sneha and Ravisha have been creating headlines in the Dubai bakery scene.

Fondly known as the ‘Suga Sisters’, Sneha and Ravisha conceptualized and created Sugaholic way back in May 2010. It all started off with their love for baking, and the brand was created for a bake-sale to generate funds for children’s education in India. Their bakery creations were far more successful than expected. An unprecedented number of orders came flooding in, and Sneha and Ravisha finally took a leap of faith and left their high-flying banking careers to launch their brand, Sugaholic. Read more on the Suga Sisters here.

Sugaholic was kind enough to create a customized Elsa cake for my munchkin. Ofcourse it had to be a chocolate cake. Elsa and chocolate, that was all the input they recieved from my end. I was as excited as my 5 year-old to see the final creation, and headed to Sugaholic to pick it up.

Sugaholic is located in Karama, Dubai. The easiest landmark is Yoko Sizzlers (across the road from Burjuman Mall). Sugaholic is on the parallel road behind Yoko.

The store is hard to miss. The delightfully bright colour combination of pink and yellow is all at once inviting and festive, and I love how the logo represents the stylish sister duo. The interiors are kitch and cute and follow on from the brand colours. My daughter insisted on a click on their playful swing in the corner!

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We have to come back for a Sugaholic attack sometime soon! This time round, we were here to pick up the birthday cake. Just look how pretty it is! This two-tiered cake features fondant and vanilla buttercream decor, and a very pretty (and edible!) Elsa. Elsa’s long, blonde braid is made of fondant, and spirals at the base.

sugaholic birthday cake review belgian chocolate buttercream sponge frozen elsa cake (3)

My daughter gave out a squeal of delight, which got me worried on how I would get the cake home intact. The staff are super friendly and helped me load the cake carefully into the car.

sugaholic birthday cake review belgian chocolate buttercream sponge frozen elsa cake (4)

We asked for a chocolate cake, and Sugaholic gave us their signature Belgian Chocolate Ganache cake.

The cake is dense yet spongy, and indulgently rich on chocolate decadence. It is sandwiched with chocolate buttercream, and even as we were driving home, we could get whiffs of delicious chocolate from the box.

sugaholic birthday cake review belgian chocolate buttercream sponge frozen elsa cake (1)

At Sugaholic, they are strongly against the use of preservatives and this is probably why the cake tastes so fresh and home-baked. You really have to have a slice to taste the difference as compared to other commercial bakery goods.

This cake is a 1.5 kg serving, but the actual weight would be double when you add in all that gorgeous designing details.

We were a group of 10, and managed to scoff up half the cake. I have leftovers in the fridge, and will be digging into it as soon as I get home from work tonight 🙂

sugaholic birthday cake review belgian chocolate buttercream sponge frozen elsa cake (2)
My very happy ‘Sugaholic’ munchkin!

Sugaholic is located in Karama, Dubai right behind Yoko Sizzlers. Have a browse through their yummy website, and give them a call on 04 3579 333 for orders. Bon apetit!


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